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Tre Ponti®, passion and love of your pets

Tre Ponti® is an Italian brand born out of the passion of our furry friends.
Since 2007, when we registered our first Easy Fit harness, we’ve been designing and patenting unique and innovative harnesses and accessories for our pets’ well-being.

Today, Tre Ponti® is a registered trademark in over 70 countries worldwide.

Quality is our philosophy

We care about making harnesses that are comfortable and light as well as strong and easy to fit.

This is why we select the finest materials and pay attention to every detail, which means we can guarantee high-quality products worthy of your best pet friend.

100% Handmade in Italy

From the technical material to the soft mesh, to the ergonomic design, Tre Ponti® harnesses are crafted to fit dogs, cats and smaller pets like rabbits and piglets – perfectly.

Tre Ponti® products are easy to copy, but hard to equal, since the passion and love of our pets inspires us to improve and develop new products that are totally made in Italy by our skilled artisans, making each creation one of a kind.


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