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Specifications: tubular strap, 100% certified polyester, made of high tenacity threads. Made in Italy.

Maintenance: It is important to regularly check the strap from possible wear or bites. Always remember to press well the cord lock in order to prevent it from rubbing against the strap.

If the adjustable strap breaks or needs to be changed, please replace it with a strap of the same kind and in the same way as the original one; do not make a simple loop. You can easily find our Tre Ponti tutorial to replace the strap on YouTube. You can find our straps for free at any authorized Tre Ponti store.


Tre Ponti harnesses, especially the Mesh collection, may vary by cm from the size chart since our products are handmade.Always put the harness correctly on your pet. It must perfectly fit your pet’s body size; the back part of the harness should never be too close to the armpit, but at a distance of 3-4 cm.

Tre Ponti products shall be properly used: do not bite, cut, or scratch; if a part results to be worn out or damaged, please replace it since the company is not liable for damages to animals, people or things.


Do not wash Tre Ponti products with harsh detergents; wash them at low temperatures with neutral soap and water.

Metal parts preservation:

If both harnesses and leashes get in contact with salt or dirty water, please wash their metal parts straight away with flowing clean water, in order to prevent possible rust or corrosion.