The lace on the Tre Ponti dog vest is a tubular, 100% certified polyester lace produced in Italy.
The lace is composed of 32 high tenacity threads.
Pay close attention to the wear on the lace and make sure that your dog does not chew it.
If necessary, replace the lace with another of the same type and in the same way, no knots.

All stores are equipped with spare laces which are supplied and replaced free of charge.

All stores are equipped with spare laces which are supplied and replaced free of charge.



Avoid harsh or abrasive detergents. Wash the vest with water and a neutral soap. If the vest gets damaged or worn out it should be replaced as the company is not liable for any damage to animals, things or persons.

Always make sure that the vest is worn correctly.
If the vest comes into contact with sea water, rinse thoroughly with fresh running water to avoid damage.
The vest should fit the dog’s body perfectly. It should be at least 3 cm away from the armpit, never touching it.



Always take the dog’s weight and chest circumference into consideration.

The chest circumference is measured from approximately 3 cm behind the armpit.

Keep the following recommendations in mind when choosing a vest for your dog:

  • the sizes are based on the typical measurements of adult dogs;

  • before choosing a vest, make sure that you know your dog’s weight and chest circumference;

  • if your dog is not yet fully grown, it would be better to choose a vest with adjustable belly straps as the dimensions of the dog’s body will change. The important thing is that you change the vest when you notice that it is too small;
  • For dogs with bulky chests or particular builds, e.g. pug, dachshund, or French bulldog, it would be better to opt for a vest with an adjustable belly strap.
  • The vest for small dogs with adjustable belly laces was designed to be adapted to dogs with particular builds or with big chests.