A dream comes true

Tre Ponti is based in Treviso, near Venice and it is a worldwide leading company in the pet product manufacturing. This successful status has been achieved thanks to the high quality, high performing materials and a whole manufacturing cycle set in Italy.
The deep love and commitment for his job and the 40 years experience in the textile and seams industry has led Mister Pierantonio Cecconato, founder and chief of the family company, to design and craft the best seller Easy Fit: a very easy and lightweight harness that is comfortable to wear thanks to its innovative design. Tre Ponti produces about 5000 harnesses per day, which are then worn by almost 2 million dogs in over 55 countries around the world, well including Japan, China and the U.S.A. In 2016 the company obtained the approved exporter status to South Korea and Switzerland, which is an evident confirmation of the significant achievements Tre Ponti is having in the pet products market.
The brand is worldwide commercially represented by several distributors and specialist pet retail chains.

Italian craftsmanship in the world

All Tre Ponti products are designed and fully handmade in Italy. The highly qualified staff pays the maximum attention and dedication to each single seam. Subsequently, the harnesses undergo strict quality control double checking and testing all full cycle production long, up to any specific detail of each manufacturing step. The investment in raw material potentialities and quality, exclusively made in Italy, led to the creation of a successful and wide range of products, fully complying with any of the many and different needs of our four-legged friends. The Easy Fit harness patent, the Tre Ponti brand and the logo are a registered trademark in over 55 countries in the world and special resistance-test devices make sure a long-lasting life of each item.

The quality is uncomparable

Tre Ponti’s quality is founded on having the best materials, using a hand-picked list of suppliers (only the most reliable) and having a refined craftsmanship that has been perfected in our tailor’s workshop.
We do ongoing research and when developing each new product we always aim to meet the specific demands that our lovely clients have expressed. We also get inspiration from taking walks with our own four-legged friends!
Over forty years of tailoring experience has enabled us to design harnesses that are more and more comfortable, ergonomic and attractive, that are kind on your dog’s fur and that help you to connect with your dog. The only thing pulling will be your unbreakable bond!

Trademarks and Patents

Register Brands and Patents Tre Ponti in the World.